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Smart-City Technology Platforms

We Connect the local community resident  to the locally owned  business and drive revenue to their business 

Who would we like to support?

Chambers of Commerce – Local Municipalities – Economic Development Entities – Marketing Agencies- Community organizations

#1 Your Community's NEW Mobile APP

We create a fully custom community mobile application on both Apple® iOS APP Store and the Google® Play store as a free download to all public residents in your community. Your new mobile app will have your community’s name and imagery paired with your entity’s branding all throughout!

Local Info

The app arrives with local weather data, along with YOUR control of local news, local events, and is also pre-listed with all the local businesses separated by category, or via the nearby location-based searches.

Variety of Features

Each local business listed has a variety of available options based on features YOU wish to allow. You may choose for local businesses who are NOT a member or a paid status to have a basic "non-clickable" listing in the app. You may additionally choose for member businesses to have a login portal to control their own in-app clickable listing themselves!

Favorite Businesses

Locals can "favorite" the businesses they frequent the most and locate new businesses they may not have ever frequented in the past!

Affordable License Pricing

Whether your entity oversees a small-town budget or large metropolitan region, we believe you’ll find our pricing to be the most competitive in the market, and with ALL our features included by default! That’s because StalkEyes Smart-City Community App Platform believes your entity deserves all the available “Smart-City” technology features that our platform offers. This means that all the StalkEyes Smart-City Community App Platform features are included in our low cost. No matter the size or budget of the region you wish to represent, we want you to have all the state-of-the-art technology available to make YOUR entity the hometown Shop-Local superstar! Plus, there are NO SETUP fees with our standard contracts!


What Is It That We Do?

We specialize in enhancing a community’s Shop-Local culture using our “Smart City Community App” we don’t stop there. Our primary goals are to make your local business entity the primary gateway hub for connecting the residents with the locally owned businesses of the community! We know how to make your entity the local hero!

…but if you’re looking for a boring mobile APP, then we’re not the right company for you.

We’re an entire robust platform that facilitates cutting edge & interactive features along with patented Bluetooth Beacon technologies that excels not only the local businesses and educates the local residents…but we specialize in driving increased revenue and brand awareness to your entity.

Our platform drives locals to the local businesses. But your entity is the only gateway for businesses to get listed in the local app! This turns the platform in to a turn-key instant revenue stream for your entity by increasing recurring revenue memberships.

The home screen of the app is under your entity’s full control allowing you to promote and pack YOUR events first, followed by any other local events YOU choose to allow to promote in the app. Post events, news, and community updates instantly and unlimited!

Have you ever had the ability to send a mass message to the entire community at once? This is a powerful communication ability that will change the way your entity operates moving forward. Announce your updates, news, or events via Push Notifications sent instantly to the entire community!

Our interactive platform keeps your own employees at very little involvement. Local business owners have their own online login for their business and fully control 100% their own promotions inside the local system…with little to no need for additional staff!

Offering Bluetooth Beacon with premium paying members allowing their app promotions to automatically wake customer devices driving past their business! Our Bluetooth Beacons transmit the business’s promotion to mobile devices as they pass and dramatically increases their customer engagements!

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